Photographer Series – 4 Daniel Lipinski

For Part Four of our Photographer Series we speak to Daniel Lipinski, who has covered the Homeless World Cup every year since 2015.

What were you looking to capture at our event? What were you looking to convey?

The Homeless World Cup (HWC) is about people and their emotions. During tournaments, I mostly take portraits for the players’ stories. I used to cover games and I still do, but I found portraits to be what I like the most. I always have a chance to have a conversation with a player and get to know him/her before I even start pressing the shutter button, which is great. The HWC tournament makes people happy and capturing that happiness in photographs is my main goal.

A collection of Daniel’s portraits from the last Homeless World Cup: This is Fahrudin Muminovic, Team Bosnia and Herzegovina

Was your first Homeless World Cup what you thought it would be? What were your highlights?

I joined the HWC media team in Amsterdam, back in 2015. I was there only for a half of the tournament, but it was enough time for me to understand what the HWC is about and what kind of impact it has on peoples lives. Since 2015, I have participated in every single tournament. It is an opportunity to meet new people, make friends and work with an amazing team! It also makes me think how lucky I am by having a roof over my head, we take things for granted.

Mirian Miranda, Team Peru

How did you first get into photography?

My story with photography started back in 2004 when I bought my first digital camera. Back then photography was just my hobby. One day I realised that I could do it for a living and I finally managed to turn it into a profession.  It’s very important to find and do something that you love, for me that’s photography. I shoot random things here in London, but mostly events and some weddings.

Players from Team Zimbabwe

What, or who, were your inspirations?

The Homeless World Cup players are my inspiration.

Mohamed Wahed, Egyptian Goalkeeper

Life may knock you down, but whatever happens, you have to believe in yourself and try to stand up again – like every single HWC player.  They are legends.

17-year-old Abdullah Shah from Hyderabad, Pakistan

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of taking up photography?

Finnish Goalkeeper Marko Salmi

Buy a camera, go out and take pictures of everything around you. We all started like that, taking pictures of dogs, flowers and architecture. Only practice can make you better.


For more of Daniel’s work check out his website as well as his Instagram.