Kevin Carrol

Kevin Carrol

“It’s a great example of sport’s ability to impact lives, bring cultures together, and shine a light on a marginalized community that deserves attention and support.”

Kevin Carrol served in the Air Force as a language interpreter and translator, gaining fluency in Croatian, Czech, Serbian, and German. After serving in the Air Force for ten years and earning his college degree, Kevin became an athletic trainer in Philadelphia. His talents soon led him to become the the Head Athletic Trainer for the Philadelphia 76ers in 1995.

He then began to work for Nike for seven years as “Katalyst” (the ‘K’ is for Kevin) – a creative change agent. At Nike, he helped the company develop a deeper understanding of athletic product performance, team dynamics and interpersonal communication. Carroll left Nike in 2004, and created his own company, Kevin Carroll Katalyst/LLC, which aims to elevating the power of sport and play around the world.

Kevin Carroll has dedicated his life to advancing education, sports and play as a vehicle for social change and success. He was honored to address the United Nations as part of the UN Year of Sports for Development and Peace in 2005 and to host the Beyond Sport Summit & Awards from 2009 thru 2012 featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He is an ongoing adviser and active supporter for many global social innovation organizations. In 2013, Kevin was named by SUCCESS magazine as one of 19 “SEERS – changing the world!”

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