Honey Thaljieh

Honey Thaljieh

“Everyone deserves a chance to live, to play, to dream and it is our responsibility as human beings to fight for equality. Together we can make a difference!”

Honey Thaljieh is the co-founder and first ever captain of the Palestinian Women’s National Football Team. She has broken through innumerable social and political barriers to become a role model to women and girls throughout the Middle East and beyond. Following a series of career-ending knee injuries, Honey directed her efforts to empowering the next generation. Through her extensive network of partnerships, she has created, developed, and maintained sports initiatives for thousands of boys and girls throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Honey’s impact in Palestine continues as a member of the Supreme Council of Youth and Sport and as member of the Palestine Women’s Football Committee. Today, Honey is a poignant voice for empowerment and equality through sport. As a Corporate Communications Manager for FIFA, Honey works to communicate the efforts made by FIFA in the areas of education and health, gender equality, life skills, and peace initiatives through football.

Honey is also recognised as a Champion for Peace by the organisation Peace and Sport and serves as ambassador for several pro-social sports organisations. She has spoken at many prestigious international organisations, including United Nations, UNESCO, UNICEF, and TEDx Zurich.

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