Graz 2018 – European Street Football Festival

The Homeless World Cup Erasmus+ Project culminated this summer in Graz, Austria, during this year’s European Street Football Festival. The event was be a celebration of and mark the end of the three-year project involving countries from across Europe.

Organised by Initiative Goal – Caritas, and the Homeless World Cup Foundation, the Graz 2018 ESFF ran from July 3-6 and will welcomed 14 teams from across Europe. The event took place in the Main Square in Graz, where the very first Homeless World Cup was held in 2003.

Competing Nations

This year’s ESFF will see 14 teams representing 11 countries form across Europe.

The men’s competition will see teams from Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic, England alongside two Austrian squads.

The women’s competition will see teams from Bulgaria, Wales, Belgium, Greece, Finland and Sweden as well as two teams representing Austria.

Initiative Goal- Caritas

The Graz 2018 ESFF, co-funded by the Erasmus Programme of the European Union, is hosted by Initiative Goal-Caritas. The event is organised by Initiative Goal-Caritas in coordination with Homeless World Cup Foundation.

Initiative Goal Caritas work in partnership with organisations across Austria to build a network of social street football projects. Their aim is to promote social inclusion through sport.

They offer support for people who are experiencing homelessness, or have done so in the past year. They also reach out for street vendors, asylum seekers, refugees and people affected by substance abuse.

Homeless World Cup Erasmus+ Project

The Homeless World Cup Foundation has been awarded a 3-year grant from the European Commission via the Erasmus+ Programme for education, training, youth, and sport. The project is managed by the Homeless World Cup Foundation in collaboration with 21 of our European partners.

It will take place from 2016-2018 to develop cooperation between Homeless World Cup street football partners in Europe.


15 years after the Graz 2003 Homeless World Cup, social street football returns to the Styrian capital with the European Street Football Festival, a spinoff of the Homeless World Cup. The Mains square in Graz will see 14 Homeless World Cup National Partners from all over Europe will playing directly in front of Graz Town Hall, putting the city and social street football at the center of the public interest.

Under the motto #grazspieltwieder (Graz plays again) #cominghome, the city will be the European capital of social street football. Following the founding of the Homeless World Cup in 2003 and the Special Olympics 2017, Graz once again will become a metropolis in terms of social inclusion through sport.