How globaledit helps us to manage our vast amount of digital assets

When it comes to our annual events, we gather a LOT of digital data. These are primarily in the form of photos and videos, and covering 50 teams over seven days means we get thousands of great shots from our talented photographers and videographers.

To manage these assets effectively, we use

Globaledit has been a real ally to the work of the Homeless World Cup Foundation over the years, and we felt it was time for us to give them a shoutout! So here’s to you, globaledit!


How we use the platform

We use their platform for photo uploads, storage, and categorising. Once we have tagged the photos with keywords, globaledit’s Digital Asset Manager means we can easily find a photo (in seconds!) amongst the thousands uploaded each year, just by searching a relevant word.

And our team of photographers have captured some amazing shots over the years…

Teams from all around the world march through Cardiff Castle in the opening parade of the Cardiff 2019 Homeless World Cup . Credit: Dan Lipinski


If someone needs access to some photos, globaledit allows you to create ‘collections’ to share the assets, along with your choice of expiration date, download permissions, watermark and more. This gives us the ability to easily share the wonder of our event.

Indonesia’s goalkeeper Eman was one of the stars of the Glasgow 2016 Homeless World Cup. Credit: Anita Milas


We love that it can handle the vast amounts of assets we gather at our event, whether they be inspirational photos, celebratory photos, or ones that capture the festive feel of the event.

The opening ceremony at Mexico 2018 was a colourful affair. Credit: Dan Lipinski


Globaledit enables us, every year, to manage our assets in a very well-organised manner. A bit like this marching band in Oslo 2017!

The opening parade begins at Oslo 2017. Credit: Ole Christian Eklund


The inner workings of the platform are a real asset, very easy to use, and allows us to see the wider view of our collection after each event.

A bird’s-eye view of the Amsterdam 2015 Homeless World Cup, outside the city’s famous Rijksmuseum. Credit: Aerovista Luchtfotografie


Globaledit’s powerful asset manager can easily accommodate the huge number of action shots we get.

A powerful save at Mexico City 2018. Credit: Anita Milas


With globaledit’s asset rights, you can grant or deny access requests, track usage, watermark, and more.

Crowds watch the action on Pitch 1, at the Oslo 2017 Homeless World Cup. Credit: Ole Christian Eklund


So thanks, globaledit, for being there for us over the last few years, and helping us share the magic of the Homeless World Cup!


Choosing the right Digital Asset Manager comes down to ease of use and how efficient it is. Globaledit allows users to centralise their work and greatly reduce production time.

Globaledit’s Digital Asset Management solution offers unlimited customer service, intuitive functionality, an easy-to-use interface, and scalability for all of your digital content.

Two young men wearing football kit smile looking off camera, one has his thumbs up.