International Partners Sharing Skills (IPASS)

The Homeless World Cup Foundation was awarded a 3-year grant from the European Commission via the Erasmus+ programme for education, training, youth, and sport. The project was managed by the Homeless World Cup Foundation in collaboration with 21 of our European partners. It took place from 2016-2018 to develop cooperation between Homeless World Cup Street Football Partners in Europe.

Project Activities

Get-togethers, exchanges and Street Football festivals brought European partners together to share skills, experience, and knowledge in order to grow the capacity of each partner and strengthen the network in its mission to change the lives of homeless people through football.

Each year of the programme consisted of one European Get-together, three European Exchanges and one European Street Football Festival. Participating partners took turns in hosting some of the different events.

Project Objectives

Our aim through this project was to improve the capacity of our existing partners in Europe – and around the world – by helping them share their specialist knowledge.

The 21 partners who collaborated in this project all have different skills, knowledge and experience. Some are very strong and stable, others new and still developing. By facilitating inter-partner learning and sharing opportunities, a collective knowledge was developed.

Partners built rapport and stronger relationships with one another, which encouraged continued learning, sharing, and networking long after the funding for this project ceased.

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European Get-Togethers

These were informal conferences for delegates from all 21 Erasmus+ programme partners. They were an important opportunity for partner representatives to exchange and share knowledge, as well as make strategic decisions on the direction of the Erasmus+ project.

European Exchanges

During the exchanges, one partner hosted representatives from three other participating programmes to exchange knowledge and skills around certain geographically relevant topics and development themes in relation to tackling homelessness through football. The Erasmus+ programme included three European Exchanges per year – a total of nine exchanges by the end of the programme.

European Street Football Festivals

This was a larger event that gathered all participating countries together. The four-day event consisted of player development workshops over two days, and a two-day street football tournament. The Erasmus+ programme included three festivals, one for each year of the tournament.