Determination and drive, on and off the pitch

23-year-old Sofie Yde Monberg spent her youth living in Jutland, Denmark, with a passion for football. Her call up to play for Denmark at the Homeless World Cup came after she represented them at an amateur football competition in Copenhagen.

She has faced a hard battle with drugs, missing out a year of her studies because of them. However, Sofie was determined to change, and with the help of the sport she loves, and the drive to continue her studies in painting, things are looking up for her.

Sofie is finding life at the Homeless World Cup an exciting experience. She says: “It’s cool. It’s nice to meet so many new people and be around all these different nationalities and cultures.”

Being the only woman in the mixed side doesn’t phase her at all. Sofie plays how she would always play, and is as determined on the pitch as she is off it.

It’s no surprise that Sofie will be continuing to play football when she returns home.

Words: Josh Brimble
Images: Romain Kedochim