BBC documentary to feature Welsh Women’s team in run up to Mexico City

Ahead of the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff this month the BBC are broadcasting a three-part series following the 2018 Wales Women’s Homeless Football Team. For last year’s Homeless World Cup, they followed the women’s team as they prepared for the tournament in Mexico City. An inspiring heart-felt story that follows the journey and challenges of the women involved from all across Wales as they train and travel to Mexico with coach Keri from Street Football Wales in Swansea.

The tournament brings together hundreds of players from dozens of countries around the World, all united by a common bond. They are all in search of better lives.

This three-part series follows the lives of women chosen to represent Wales. Every member of the team is, or has been, homeless – often facing bigger battles off the pitch than on it. And their coach is Keri, a man who’s spent more than 20 years devoted to the charity which takes the Welsh teams to the tournament. The charity’s patron, Port Talbot born, Hollywood actor, Michael Sheen OBE is bringing the Homeless World Cup 2019 to Cardiff this July.

Rhiannon, who lived on the streets said: “Just because somebody is homeless, it doesn’t make them a bad person. People who are homeless are the same as anybody else, they’ve just had really bad things happen…obviously.”

Coach Keri says: “I think it’s about giving people a different view of what life can be and trying to instil a bit of aspiration in people. If we can give people positive memories that they can look back on and enjoy thinking about, then that’s got to be a good thing.”

This is their moment to break free of the past and change their lives forever. They are already Wales’s toughest football team – now they have to prove it to the world.

“Warriors: Our Homeless World Cup” begins 10.35pm Monday, July 15 on BBC One Wales.