“The team deserves it”: FIFPRO Fair Play Award Day 4

Known for being one of the most competitive teams at the Homeless World Cup, Team Chile’s Women’s side have shown that their desire to win doesn’t come at the expense of playing fair.

And that was in evidence this afternoon as the team, coached by Julissa Barrera, took the stage to pick up the FIFPRO Fair Play Award for Day 4 of the competition here in Cardiff.

The prize was awarded to goalkeeper Joanna Osorio for her adherence to the tournament principles of fair play after being spotted giving advice and tips to the Street Football United goalkeeper. Former Swansea player and current club ambassador Lee Trundle presented the award to a cheering crowd.

On receiving the award, a clearly surprised Osorio said: “I’m very happy. It’s not something I thought about or was waiting on. I just saw the other keeper standing there on the training pitch and thought I’d give her some tips. I’d hope someone would do the same for me if need be.”

While her coach in response to the award said: “I’m very happy about the award because I think the team deserve it. They’ve demonstrated fair play during all their matches. And the award is something that can encourage the team to continue to do so.

“Joanna is a leader. She is always motivated and happy and is always there to help her teammates. She’s a fundamental pillar to our team both in goal between the posts and off the pitch too.”

Words: Craig Williams
Images: Mile 44