HWC Podcast S2 E4: Framing Homelessness, with Gavin Yates of Homeless Action Scotland

In this episode of the Homeless World Cup Podcast we speak to Gavin Yates, Chief Executive of Homeless Action Scotland.

Homeless Action Scotland is the national membership organisation for homelessness in Scotland and aims to influence and support effective policy and practice to tackle homelessness. They work with local authorities, voluntary organisations, housing associations, health bodies, and individuals.

Recently, HAS agreed to work with Crisis around the FrameWorks Institute’s “Reframing Homelessness” report, which aims to examine public perceptions of homelessness and how it can be better communicated.

Paul and Adam speak to Gavin about how language around homelessness affects public perception, why we really aren’t as “woke” as we think, and what can be done to lessen stigma.

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Gavin Yates, Chief Executive of Homeless Action Scotland