Gothenburg 2004

The Tournament

In 2004 the Homeless World Cup took place in Gothenburg. With memories of the Graz tournament still fresh, everyone was determined to make the second staging of the tournament bigger, better, and through it change even more lives. More than 200 players representing 26 teams, up from 18 the previous year, arrived in Sweden walking through the streets of Gothenburg as part of the opening parade officially welcoming them all to the 2004 Homeless World Cup. More than 40,000 people remained gripped for 160 games played over seven days.

Ireland who endured a tough draw and a slow start, recovered well to score 79 goals in eight games and won the INSP Network Trophy. Despite Evgeniy Adamenko scoring 53 times on his way to the “Golden Shoe” Award, Ukraine couldn’t match the defensive prowess of Denmark, who secured a deserved victory in the FAKTUM Trophy.

In the Homeless World Cup Trophy Stage, four teams stood out. In the semi-finals, however, Italy and Austria proved too strong for Scotland and Poland, with defending champions Austria playing the Italians in the Homeless World Cup final. Two early goals unsettled the holders and Italy eventually doubled their advantage to secure a 4-0 victory. The Homeless World Cup Trophy had a new home.

The Final Standings


A unique feature of the Homeless World Cup tournament is that regardless of ability, all teams compete for the same number of days. The competition breaks into a number of different trophies. Because of these levels of competitions, the games are exciting and meaningful even on the final day of the tournament. On the last day, each team earns their final position – and those standings then influence the rankings that will seed next year’s tournament.


The Homeless World Cup is the top prize in the competition. The iconic trophy travels the world with each winner and is then brought to the next host city before the competition begins. Italy are this year’s champions, after beating last year’s winners Austria 4-0 in the final.

1 Italy
2 Austria
3 Poland
4 Scotland
5 Russia
6 England
7 Sweden
8 South Africa


The second tier of the competition saw Denmark claim victory over Ukraine in the final to be crowned FAKTUM Trophy winners.

1 Denmark
2 Ukraine
3 Wales
4 Netherlands
6 Argentina
7 Brazil
8 Canada


The International Network of Street Papers (INSP) Trophy went to Ireland, who beat Portugal to claim victory.

1 Ireland
2 Portugal
3 Namibia
4 Spain
5 France
6 Germany
7 Czech Republic
8 Switzerland


With an average age of 53, Japan won the hearts of the spectators as they played every game in great spirits and showed the crowd their appreciation every day.

1 Japan
2 Slovakia