Street Soccer Philippines

Street Soccer Philippines is an affiliate of The Urban Opportunities for Change Foundation, a Christian organisation that works to help poor communities. Street Soccer Philippines are in charge of organising the Philippines’ national homeless team. They want to use the power of sport to contribute to improved education, housing, financial stability, employability, and social and cultural capital of their participants.

Organisation Details


Abandoned and abused children, survivors of typhoon, and people from poor and illegal settlements


Tacloban, Boracay, and Quezon

Homelessness Statistics

1.2 Million
Children in the Philippines sleep rough
Of the urban population live in slums
3.1 Million
Homeless people in Manila

The Philippines has one of the highest birth rates in South East Asia (New Statestman, 2014). Besides poverty and overpopulation, a major problem is regular natural disasters. Typhoon Haiyan, the most destructive in Filipino history, made four million people homeless in 2013 and a year after, a million of them were still living in tents and makeshift huts (Sky News, 2014).