Street Football Federation of the Kyrgyz Republic

SFF work with orphans, vulnerable children, and marginalised adults residing in illegal settlements. Many of their adult participants are migrants from rural areas who seek better life in Bishkek. SFF run three core activities: annual tournaments among orphanages, providing humanitarian help to orphanages, and preparing and selecting the Homeless World Cup national team.

Organisation Details


Youth from illegal settlements and orphans; women and men who are migrants from rural areas and live in women’s shelters and/or in informal settlements around Bishkek


Bishkek, Osh, and some rural areas

Homelessness Statistics

Of people in Kyrgyzstan live in substandard housing
30 000
People in Bishkek declared they were homeless (Habitat, 2014).
Of the urban population live in illegal settlements, where they have no social or civil rights

Of the urban population in Kyrgyzstan, 20 to 30% live in illegal settlements. Lacking tenure security and city residency permits (“propiska”), poor and non-registered residents struggle to survive without adequate access to education, health care, electricity, and running water, and are treated with contempt by state officials and middle-class urban residents (Open Society, 2012).