Football for the Homeless

Football for the Homeless organise weekly training sessions, with a view to establishing a national homeless league. Participants are usually referred to the programme by their social worker. Two of their teams focus specifically on men suffering from mental health issues.

Participants are also able to gain coaching qualifications, thereby enhancing the sustainability and growth of the organisation.

Their programme is funded by the Ministry of Public Security’s budget for crime prevention.

Organisation Details


Men experiencing homelessness


Tel Aviv

Homelessness Statistics


Israeli Association for Civil Rights’ estimated number of homeless people (Times of Israel, 2018)

Percentage of homeless people who qualify for social benefits (Times of Israel, 2018)


Estimated number of homeless people who have died on the street in the past 15 years (Haaretz, 2018)

A large portion of Israel’s population are heavily affected by economic upheaval, with the OECD ranking the country as having one of the highest rates poverty among its members (First Rates, 2016).

Israel has stringent criteria for the definition of homelessness, with only 10% being aided by social services (Times of Israel, 2018).

Poverty affects more women than men in Israel due to receiving lower wages and benefits (MJB, 2018).