Rumah Cemara

Rumah Cemara (Pine Home) is a community-based organisation for people living with HIV/AIDS and people who suffer from substance abuse.

RC provide a range of services for people with substance abuse problems as well as a comprehensive football programme. They operate through a peer-to-peer approach, with over 80% of their diverse staff living with HIV.

Organisation Details


They mainly work HIV-positive men and women from diverse backgrounds, and those affected by substance abuse


West Java

Homelessness Statistics


Number of newly displaced people due to natural disasters and violence in 2018 (Internal Displacement, 2019)


Number of families living in slum and other temporary housing (Habitat, 2019)

The traffic of addictive substances poses a serious threat to homeless people in Indonesia. Substance abuse has led to further homelessness, and drugs and prostitution have facilitated a growing AIDS/HIV epidemic.

Despite strong economic growth there are roughly 25 million Indonesians living below the poverty line (Habitat, 2019).

The expansion of the tourism industry in Indonesia has resulted in many people being forcibly evicted in order to build modern tourist resorts (Forshee, 2006, p.109).