Croatian Homeless Network

The Croatian Homeless Team is a project run by the Croatian Homeless Network, which works in coordination with many homeless shelters across Croatia. The Croatian Homeless Network is a platform that connects and coordinates all organisations and working for the improved situation of homeless people.

The Croatian Homeless Team project draws a lot of media interest and therefore raises awareness of homelessness in Croatia. They stand for the right to dignity and social inclusion, and achieve these goals through the positive influence of sports.

Organisation Details



Men, mainly under the age of 50, who are homeless, socially disadvantaged, and excluded from society


Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Vinkovci, and Vukovar

Homelessness Statistics

According to the Croatian Network for the Homeless, there are more than 2,000 homeless people in Croatia, half of them located in Zagreb.

This number refers only to those homeless who use the accommodation of the Homeless Support Centre, launched by the Croatian Network for the Homeless.

FEANTSA – European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless – uses a system called ETHOS – European Typology of Homelessness and housing exclusion – but this is not used in Croatia. If it were, the figure would be closer to 5,000 (Balkan Insight, 2018).

As a European Union (EU) member state, Croatia is taking part in the Europe 2020 strategy – aiming to reduce the number of people living at risk of poverty or social exclusion (World Bank, 2019).