Younited Belgium

Younited Belgium is a social sports project designed to motivate and help homeless people reintegrate into society. It works through a combination of sports and social activities, and it also aims to raise awareness and challenge stereotypes of homelessness.

Meet the teams

Number Name
1 Jean-Philippe De Meersman
2 Valter Cruz Da Luz
3 Adrien Daniel
4 Christoph Morales
5 Victor Van Moorter
6 Roberto Anzalone
7 Alexis Breviere
Melanie Laurent
Wouter Blockx
Number Name
1 Aurelie Cors
2 Angy Bougenies
3 Nisrine Kattafi
4 Adeline Riviere
5 Ursulle Lumengamo Ngiengo
6 Stéphanie Lacroix
Florence Dejaegher
Caroline Jacquinet


Men and women with no home, in temporary dwellings, in shelters, affected by substance abuse, and undocumented immigrants


Across Belgium, including Namur, Antwerp, Ronse, Mons, Brussels, Tongerlo, Gent, Lier, and Antwerp

Homelessness Statistics

From one count in November 2016, there were 3,386 people experiencing homelessness in Brussels. This is a 96% increase since 2008.

In Flanders in 2014, there were 764 in winter emergency accommodation, 4,694 houseless people – including 1,675 children, and 599 people threatened with eviction counted during a one month survey.

In Wallonia, 5,638 people used the emergency accommodation scheme in 2016.

(FEANTSA, 2019, p.98)