Overcoming Stigma and Stereotypes with Team Indonesia 2016

Indonesia’s only loss in the first round was to defending title holders, Mexico. Four wins in the second round earned them a spot in the top trophy bracket. The squad faced Mexico again in the Homeless World Cup quarter final but were unable to topple the champs. A win over Bosnia and Herzegovina earned them 7th place overall.

The eight young men representing the Southeast Asian nation come from a programme called Rumah Cemara, a community-based organisation for people living with HIV/AIDS and people who suffer from substance abuse. Past Homeless World Cup players stay involved, mentoring newcomers and taking on roles as coaches and referees. This year, a former player joined the official Homeless World Cup referee squad.

Beyond the supportive community they’ve built, the programme managers keep an open door to all who need their help and encouragement. This year’s two goalies – 44-year-old Wira Danu Hendro Prasetyoko and his younger teammate, 27-year-old Eman Sulaeman – exemplify what the programme stands for, both at home and when they travelled to the Homeless World Cup.

“As someone living with HIV and a former drug user, I have the motivation to decrease the stigma and discrimination in Indonesia,” explained Danu. “Rumah Cemera has a campaign, Indonesia Without Stigma, and I am really excited about it. I want to spread the message around the world and lessen the stigma of these things. That is why I’m here.”

His teammate Eman earned the Best Goalkeeper Award – an achievement made all the more remarkable considering Eman was born without feet. “I hope he can inspire people at the tournament and back home in Indonesia – showing that despite limitations like that you can still do anything,” shared team manager Rijki Kurniawan.

Team Indonesia 2016  (Men’s)

No. Name Role
Rijki Kurniawan Coach
Sabrun Hanapi Manager
26 Eman Sulaeman Player
17 Angga Sidik Permadi Player
9 Wisnu Wantoro Player
10 Heru Muhamad Faisal Player
13 Nandi Saiful Anam Player
60 W Danu Hendro Prasetyoko Player
5 Roni Syahroni Syamsudin Player
4 Antonius Dhimas Anindhito Player


The Homeless World Cup National Partner in Indonesia is Rumah Cemara (Pine Home), a community-based organisation for people living with HIV/AIDS and people who suffer from substance abuse.

RC provide a range of services for people with substance abuse problems as well as a comprehensive football programme. They operate through a peer-to-peer approach, with more than 80% of their diverse staff living with HIV.