Hungary Earns Best Ever Homeless World Cup Finish

After losing to Portugal in their opening game, Hungary won their next nine straight games to earn a place in the Men’s Homeless World Cup quarter final. With two losses and a win in the final round, the team finished in 6th place, a big improvement from their 29th place finish in Amsterdam. The finish was also their best since joining the Homeless World Cup in 2006.

Even with the impressive finish, the team plays for more than purely winning. “Playing taught me two things: to gain the ability and confidence to work in a team, and how to fight hard for my aims and goals,” explained Imre Farkas.

Team Hungary 2016 (Men’s)

No. Name Role
Roland Zajko Manager
Jozsef Szikszay Coach
14 Dávid Zalatnai Player
23 Imre Szego Player
10 Károly Dénes Player
1 Zsolt Vincze Player
6 Imre Tamás Farkas Player
17 László Mezei Player
12 Imre Kis Player
7 Krisztiofer Cséka Player

Oltalom Sports Association give disadvantaged and homeless people the opportunity to participate in sports and social activities. Their programmes, including regular football training sessions, are designed to improve the health of participants, promote understanding, and reduce crime in some of Hungary’s most dangerous areas. Through sports, OSA bring people together and help create valuable contacts and friendships.