Referee Training Programme Heads to Indonesia

National Partner in Indonesia, Rumah Cemara, hosted the third edition of the Homeless World Cup Foundation’s International Referee Programme from March 4-6.  The course – aimed at local referees and former players – gives participants valuable skills and a path to becoming official Homeless World Cup Referees.

Paul Nagtegaal, official Homeless World Cup referee and Dutch FA consultant, and Zakia Moulaoui, International Development Consultant, traveled to Bandung, Indonesia to deliver the course to 20 participants made up of former Homeless World Cup players, volunteers, local coaches, and local referees.

After a day learning the Homeless World Cup rules and discussing what makes a good referee, participants jumped onto the pitch to begin practicing. A local tournament with eight participating teams was organised to allow the students to develop and test their new refereeing skills in real life situations.

On the last day, all of the students graduated and received an official Homeless World Cup Referee certificate, as well as a badge. In addition to being eligible to officiate at future Homeless World Cup tournaments, certified referees can also help the development of referees at a local level.

From among the 20 participants, one was invited to officially referee at the 2016 Homeless World Cup in Glasgow. Jaka (pictured below), who captained Indonesia at last year’s Homeless World Cup in Amsterdam will join the team of international referees.

“It was such an honour to deliver this course to our Indonesian friends,” said Nagtegaal. “They are always great representatives of their country at the Homeless World Cup tournaments, and this is what they are at home too: positive, hardworking players and now, great referees too.”

“Rumah Cemara is a truly inspiring partner,” added Moulaoui. “What they deliver on the ground is life changing. It is impressive to see them so dedicated to their mission: to see an Indonesia without stigma towards people living with HIV or towards drug users.”

Images by Alex Walker.