Team South Africa 2016 Dance and Score their Way to 14th

South Africa’s team was comprised of six young men and two women who lived on the streets or in informal settlements. South African teams are always known for their exuberance and this year’s squad was no exception. They quickly became known for their singing, dancing, and welcoming attitude.

They lost one game in the first round, placing them in a tough second stage group against Mexico and Chile. They played hard and earned a spot in the Men’s Plate competition, the second tier of the men’s tournament. On the final day, they finished in 14th place overall.

Team South Africa 2016 (Men’s/Mixed)

Name Role
Clifford Martinus Manager
Ricardo De Reuck Coach
Angelo Seakhla Player
Michael Frans Player
Fuzile Boyi Player
Pozisa Dipa Player
William Junior Player
Xolisa Sobada Player


OASIS work to create developmental opportunities for young people across South Africa through participation in sport and education. They focus on creating developmental opportunities for young men living on the streets, or those who live in very difficult circumstances within informal settlements.

Griszelda Magosie attributes turning her life around to support from Oasis and wants to give back in return. “It is entirely up to the individual to get right,” she explained. “I can go back and help the people in the community. I can make the change, so they can make the change. It is difficult, but with help from people like me, and with the experience of Oasis, it is possible.”

Teammate Xolisa Sobada agreed with his teammate: “I have faced many challenges in my life. I want to stop drinking and be a better person. I have been free from alcohol for almost four months now. Football is helping me achieve that goal.”