Team Slovenia Enjoy Glasgow 2016

“We came with a lot of expectations and we haven’t been disappointed,” said team captain Vojmir Grobin, who only started playing football three months before the event. “We have made good friends with all the teams we have played against and enjoyed ourselves very much at the tournament.”

Manager’s son and assistant Martin Cvetiage shared: “We feel happy. The players all have their own story and problems, but here they can just play football.” He added, “There are over 4000 homeless people in Slovenia. If we can help even one, it is a success.”

The Slovenian squad remained in good spirits all week, despite not winning a game. They finished in 44th place and competed for the Men’s Quaich.

Team Slovenia 2016 (Men’s)

Name Role
Suzi Kvas Manager
Boštjan Cvetič Coach
Drago Savec Player
Darko Vaš Player
Daniel Šarkezi Player
Darko Šarkezi Player
Aleksander Strašek Player
Drago Slaček Player
Bojan Knehtl Player
Vojmir Grobin Player


JZ Socio was established by the Municipality of Celje in 2002 with the aim of helping vulnerable individuals and families, and to provide other social services. In Celje, their participants are offered weekly football training sessions accompanied by consultancy sessions and advice. The aim of the consultancy sessions is to help vulnerable people set achievable goals, and to develop a plan for attaining them. JZ Socio help participants prepare an individual plan with short-term and long-term goals, and encourage them to take the first step.