Romania entered the tournament ranked 9th and quickly showed strength on the pitch, sweeping their opening round group. They struggled in the second round against tough competitors Portugal and Indonesia, falling to the bottom of their second stage group. In the trophy round, they competed for the Men’s Bowl, where they finished 19th overall with a win over Street Soccer United.

Team Romania 2016 (Men’s)

Name Role
Rosus Mihai Manager
Jivan Florin Coach
Lup Manuel Alin Player
Bujor Leonard Player
Tcaciuc Emilian Player
Amarinei Cosmin Player
Gal Marian Player
Piloiu Bogdan Player
Axini Mario Player
Griguta Sebastian Player


Clubul Sportiv Fotbal De Strada Metanoia (Metanoia Street Football Sports Club) use sports, particularly football, to enable street children, those suffering from substance abuse, and other marginalised people to gain the benefits that sports can bring – such as becoming part of a team, increased self-confidence, and learning how to interact with others. To be a good football player and team member, self-control and discipline are essential, and Fotbal De Strada believe that by developing these qualities on the pitch, players can also make progress in other areas of their lives.