Vocal Support for Team Norway 2016

The two Norwegian squads were well known at the Glasgow event for their vocal support of each other. Both teams had mixed results in the early rounds, with the women’s squad finishing in the Women’s Plate competition and the men’s aiming for the Men’s Shield. On the final day, the women earned 12th place overall; the men finished 29th.

In addition to the two 2016 teams, a former Norwegian player from Poznan 2013, Adil Jaeead, joined the referee squad this year, having completed the Homeless World Cup’s referee training course.

Next year, Norway will host the 2017 Homeless World Cup. Programme manager Benjamin Brekke-Naerstad wants Oslo to keep up the good work and be another successful host nation.

“If you are homeless it doesn’t mean you are some sort of different person,” he explained. “If you are tagged as homeless it is important to show you are just a regular person, who has just been a bit unlucky.

“It is Norway’s turn to put the focus on homelessness next year and we’re really looking forward to it.”


Team Norway 2016 (Men’s)

Name Role
Rune Isegran Manager
Jostein Liebich Coach
Chris Sundt Player
Kjell Morten Nilssen Player
Petter Thomassen Ghatso Player
Ian Gundersen Player
Sulayman Cham Player
Jan Inge Johansen Player
Jørgen Imsland Player
Robin Bjorøy Player
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Team Norway 2016 (Women’s)

Name Role
Steinar Sørlie Coach
Iris Gjerland Coach
Cathrine Nesje Player
Anne Gavelstad Player
Hege Sæverud Player
Irene Henriksen Player
Gry Skeie Olsen Player
Karina Opsahl Player
Marthe Karlsen Player
Lorraine Hille Håland Player

Gatefotball (Street Soccer) is a project started by the Salvation Army. It focuses on drug rehabilitation for men and women through sport. The Salvation Army in Norway has been using football to reach out to different groups for more than 30 years. Gatefotball was officially created in 2005. Since then, the programme has expanded into many cities across Norway, and an annual Norwegian Street Football Cup was founded. Oslo, Norway will host the 2017 Homeless World Cup.