In and Out in 12th for Team Namibia 2016

The team went 3 and 2 in the first and second round, landing them in third place in both rounds and competing for the second tier men’s trophy: the Men’s Plate. They were ranked 12th entering the tournament, and finished the event in the same position.

The Second Chance Street Soccer Project, who organize Team Namibia, engages participants who are vulnerable to extreme poverty, substance abuse and marginalisation. Team Namibia 2016 was comprised of young men who were living on the streets or in drug rehabilitation programmes. They were selected from regional tournaments and national trials and chosen “not always for football, but the social situation they’re in,” explained team manager Bethuel Uirab. “It’s a reward for changing their lives.”

Player Edwardo Eiseb shared what the project has done for him: “I just needed some support to get where I want to be so that I can have a life and enjoy that life, like other people.”

Team Namibia 2016 (Men’s)

Name Role
Bethuel Uirab Manager
Felix Witbooi Coach
Moses Marius Owoseb Player
Honock Malgas Player
Jarmyn Ripunda Player
Edwardo Eiseb Player
Hannes Otto Witbooi Player
Niklaas Klinker Player
Riaan Swartbooi Player


The Second Chance Street Soccer Project is an NGO that utilises football as a tool to eliminate poverty and homelessness in Namibia. They operate in the towns of Windhoek and Ondangwa and engage around 70 participants who are vulnerable to extreme poverty, substance abuse, and marginalisation. The Second Chance Street Soccer Project aim to reach vulnerable men and women through sport and offer them a chance to improve their quality of life.

Through sport, Second Chance Street Soccer introduce participants to a range of other services in order to help them further their education and find employment.