Slovenia Welcomes Delegates for Final Project Meeting

The third and final Get-together of the Homeless World Cup Erasmus+ Project took place this week in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The two-day event was aimed at reporting the discussions and knowledge-sharing workshops that had been in place over the course of the three-year Homeless World Cup Erasmus+ Project. Through the course of the event, delegates were presented with a round-up of the three-year project and the plan for the final European Street Football Festival that will take place later this summer in Graz, Austria.

Day one of the event saw twenty-two delegates meeting in the Slovenian capital, where they had the chance to network and share their experiences of running their own national Street Soccer.

The first part of the meeting, saw Slovenian delegate Suzy Kvas, from JZ Socio, Homeless World Cup Street Football Partner in Slovenia, present the issues surrounding homelessness in Slovenia, and the success and challenges faced by their organisation.

After a brief round-up of the first year of the project, delegates had a chance to learn in more detail about the events that took place during the second year of the project, where representatives from Norway, Bulgaria, Wales and Greece presented the event they hosted in their own country. Presentations looked in detail at the three exchanges and the European Street Football festival that took place during 2017.

Greek delegate presents findings from the Athens Exchange that took place in December 2017.

Following the round-up of 2017, delegates had a chance to look at the plans for 2018 and the end of the Homeless World Cup Erasmus+ project, which will culminate with the Graz 2018 European Street Football Festival this summer.

Other presentations included monitoring and evaluation findings, by Nicole Tornes from Glasgow  Caledonian University, and a demonstration of the work done by Coaches Across Continents led by Jordan Stephenson.

Austrian delegate, Gilbert Prilasnig presented the plans for the 2018 Graz ESFF that will take place July 2018.

Delegates line up for activity led by Jordan Stephenson from CAC.

The event meeting culminated after a feedback session and a chance to discuss possibility of future projects aimed at the collaboration of European programmes.

The Homeless World Cup Erasmus+ Project will conclude this July during the Graz 2018 European Street Football Festival.