S3E2: Covid and Renting in the UK, with Andy Wightman

The covid-19 pandemic has put tenants all over the world in a vulnerable position. In April, Scotland introduced an eviction ban for those affected by the crisis that could continue until March 2021. England and Wales implemented similar protections for renters in the summer months, however the bans ended in September.

People in the UK have been losing their jobs across the income spectrum, placing many people in financial stress.

We wanted to know more about the threats facing renters in the UK due to the pandemic. We spoke to Scottish Green Party Housing Spokesperson Andy Wightman who has been a vocal proponent of more robust protections for renters.

We discuss why the “eviction ban” may be a misnomer, how real the threat is for renters, what protections are in place, and the need for a winter eviction ban.