Joy Human Development Centre / Zambia Youth Sport Academy

The Zambian homeless team is organised by Joy Human Development Centre, founded in 2003. JHD work with marginalised youth suffering from homelessness, poverty, and substance abuse. They combat AIDS/HIV, malaria, substance abuse, and poverty, and utilise sports activities and games as a tool to reach young people in deprived areas.

JHD organise community-based activities to provide education on HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, and substance abuse. Their ambition is to start a street football league for social inclusion in Lukasa, Zambia’s capital city.

Organisation Details


Marginalised children and youth suffering from homelessness, poverty, and substance abuse


Garden Compound (one of Lusaka’s poorest slums)

Homelessness Statistics

Of the urban population live in informal settlements (UN Habitat)


Housing unit defecit (Habitat for Humanity)

Of children experience multidemensional poverty (UNICEF)

Globally, Zambia has one of the highest levels of inequality (World Bank). Poverty among children is high, with 41% experiencing some form of multi-dimensional deprivation (UNICEF).

An additional challenge is rapid urbanisation which has resulted in very high rural-urban migration without a corresponding effort to provide appropriate housing and amenities for decent living conditions (Habitat, 2019). Inadequate housing and amenities in urban centres causes severe health risks; 2017 saw an outbreak of cholera in the capital Lusaka (WHO, 2017)

Due to rapid urbanisation and poverty, Zambia is facing a serious shortage of housing, standing at 1.3 million units (Habitat for Humanity).