Bauleni United Sports Academy (BUSA)

Bauleni United Sports Academy’s (BUSA) mission is to unleash the potential of children and youth – by creating life changing opportunities using sport as a transformative tool. Founded in January 2003, their long-term commitment is to help improve the lives of under-served children and youth through the power of sport.

By bringing together dedicated leaders, providing resources, and facilitating opportunities at the local and international level, BUSA helps ensure that over 10,000 children and youth annually have access to high quality, youth-centered sports for change programs and events that leave a life long positive impact in their lives.

Organisation Details


Boys and girls 6 to 20 years old, youth, people affected by poor economic, social and cultural growth, social injustices and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.


Lusaka, Kabwe and locations across Zambia

Homelessness Statistics

of Zambia's population living below the poverty line (Habitat for Humanity)
of people living without access to proper housing (Habitat for Humanity)
of children experiencing multi-dimensional deprivation (UNICEF, 2018)

Globally, Zambia has one of the highest levels of inequality (World Bank). Poverty among children is high, with 41% experiencing some form of multi-dimensional deprivation (UNICEF, 2018).

More than 60% of the Zambian population is under the poverty line, living on $2 a day; 40% are considered to be facing extreme poverty, with $1.25 a day. Roughly 70% of people living in urban areas do not have access to proper housing (Habitat for Humanity).

Due to rapid urbanisation and poverty, Zambia is facing a serious shortage of housing, standing at 1.3 million units (Habitat for Humanity).