Haz Tu Casa

Haz Tu Casa (Make Your Home) is a Venezuelan non-profit organisation for the development of social housing, registered with the Autonomous Service for Intellectual Property. They run the programme Fútbol Social (Social Football) that disseminates street football activities across the country.

Liga de Fútbol Calle (Street Football League) – their main project – facilitates integration between homeless people and the non-homeless population and raises funds for Futbol Social. Participation is free for homeless people, whereas those who are not homeless pay a small fee.

Organisation Details


Homeless men and women, people living in bad housing conditions, and vulnerable youth



Homelessness Statistics

About 11% of Venezuelans live in rural areas and around 50% of them are poor, compared to about 40% in urban areas. The poorest segments of the rural population include indigenous and Afro-descendant communities, inhabitants of semi-arid territories, and landless households headed by women (Rural Poverty). Such groups are particularly vulnerable to losing their homes.

Most Venezuelans live in poverty, many of them in shanty towns around Caracas (BBC, 2015). There is a housing shortage of around two million units. In 2010, torrential rains that flooded Caracas neighbourhoods left tens of thousands of people homeless (Washington Post, 2012).