Association des Jeunes pour un Développement

Association des Jeunes pour un Développement (AJDD) aim to contribute to sustainable human development. Their focus is on fighting poverty and homelessness and promoting gender equality, active citizenship, peaceful coexistence, environmental protection, and education.

They organise different cultural, sporting, and educational activities that promote friendship among children, youth, and adults, help integrate homeless people, refugees, and ethnic minorities, and promote human rights, democracy, and peace. They’re one of the Homeless World Cup’s newest National Partners.


Vulnerable children and youth, homeless, unemployed, and socially marginalised people, ethnic minorities, and refugees



Homelessness Statistics

Of the population live in poverty (World Bank, 2019)
Of the urban population live in slum housing (UNMDG, 2019)

Togo, one of the poorest countries in the world, is the 166th out of 178 countries according to the Human Development Index (UNDP, 2014). People in rural areas have no access to portable water and to sanitation facilities, which increases the danger of infectious diseases (UNMDG, 2019).

Due to the high levels of poverty and HIV/AIDS, many children are without any sort of family support, and as such cannot receive an education (SOS Children’s Villages, 2019)