Red de Apoyo a la Integración Sociolaboral Fundación

RAIS Fundación works to promote integration of socially excluded people, especially homeless people and immigrants, by running different projects developing life skills, autonomy, and active citizenship. Through their project Futbol Calle, socially excluded people take part in regular football training sessions.

Their principles are social innovation, mobilisation, and measurable impact and results. RAIS Fundación aim to address the root causes of the problems and find appropriate solutions. They provide accommodation, day centres, specialised rehabilitation centres, emergency services, employment and earning opportunities together with life-skills training and help with employment, and volunteering activities.

Organisation Details


Homeless men and women, undocumented immigrants, and people suffering from substance abuse, mental health issues, or disabilities


Madrid, Valencia, Andalusia, Catalonia, Murcia, and the Basque region

Homelessness Statistics


People experiencing homelessness (RAIS, 2019)

of people living on the streets have been homeless for over 3 years (RAIS, 2019)
of people living on the street say they have experienced hate crimes (RAIS, 2019)

The recent rapid increase in the number of people in inadequate and insecure housing is a direct consequence of the economic and financial crisis. Growing unemployment and decreasing wages have increased vulnerability to homelessness as more people are unable to meet housing costs. Austerity measures and cuts are having an impact on service and welfare capacity (FEANTSA, 2017; Borgen Project, 2018).

Youth poverty and unemployment rates are some of the highest in Europe (OECD, 2017; Reuters, 2017).