Street Soccer Scotland

Street Soccer Scotland is a non-profit social enterprise that delivers a range of football-related services to socially disadvantaged adults and young people across Scotland.

Street Soccer Scotland was founded in March 2009, and was inspired by personal experience of how sport and in particular, football can be the catalyst for positive social change. They aim to provide a unique response to the social disadvantage prevalent in Scottish society.

Organisation Details


Socially disadvantaged and homeless adults and young men and women, asylum seekers and refugees, individuals struggling with mental health and addiction problems, and the long-term unemployed and disengaged


Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, and Inverness

Homelessness Statistics

of the population was found to be living in relative poverty (2014-2017)
of people assessed as homeless were under 24 (2016-2017)

Scotland still grapples with high levels of poverty. In the 2014-2017 period, after housing costs, 19% of people in Scotland were found to be living in relative poverty; roughly one million people each year (Scottish Government, 2018).

From 2017-2018, out of 34,972 applications to local authorities, 28,792 households were assessed as homeless. The number of homeless applications has increased for the first time in nine years (Shelter Scotland, 2019).

27% of people assessed as homeless or potentially homeless in 2016-2017 were under 24 (Scottish Government, 2017).