New Social Solutions

New Social Solutions organise tournaments for those who do not have a home or are not legally registered in the country, as well as for people suffering from substance abuse. NSS has been running the “Social rehabilitation through football” programme since 2003. In 2007, they created a street football league of 20 teams of homeless people, refugees, people affected by substance abuse, and representatives of other vulnerable groups.

Organisation Details


Homeless men and women, non-registered persons, refugees, and people suffering from substance abuse


St. Petersburg

Homelessness Statistics

Of the population in Russia are homeless
1 Million
Of the homeless population in Russia are children
50 000
Homeless children live in Moscow (IBT, 2014)

Many people still perceive homeless people as criminals rather than unprotected population group, due to a long official tradition that criminalised homelessness and vagrancy. Problems for homeless people are aggravated by the lack of legislative and administrative measures (Kenneth and Marsh, 1999, p. 235).