Clubul Sportiv Fotbal De Strada Metanoia

Clubul Sportiv Fotbal De Strada Metanoia (Metanoia Street Football Sports Club) use sports, particularly football, to enable street children, those suffering from substance abuse, and other marginalised people to gain the benefits that sports can bring – such as becoming part of a team, increased self-confidence, and learning how to interact with others.
To be a good football player and team member, self-control and discipline are essential, and Fotbal De Strada believe that by developing these qualities on the pitch, players can also make progress in other areas of their lives.

Organisation Details


Street children and youth, disadvantaged people, and those suffering from substance abuse


Timisoara and other locations in the west of Romania

Homelessness Facts

There is no national homelessness data collection strategy in Romania. The only study was conducted in 2004, when the homeless population was estimated 14,000 to 15,000 people (FEANTSA, 2012). In Bucharest alone, there were approximately 6,000 homeless people, including 1,000 children (Deutsche Welle, 2013).

Bucharest has expansive underground sewers, which provides shelter to many homeless people, including a large number of people suffering from substance abuse (Viralnova, 2014). Most are young people who escaped from orphanages and have found shelter underground (Deutsche Welle, 2013).