Futebol de Rua – CAIS Association

CAIS Association was founded in 1994 to support people suffering extreme poverty and social exclusion, notably those who are homeless, so they can regain independence and control of their lives. With 18 years of experience, CAIS distinguishes itself today through a unique and pioneering mission of inclusion and intervention.

Futebol de Rua (Street Football) is the football-based programme run by CAIS Association. The team put together by the project first participated in the Homeless World Cup in 2004, and today Futebol de Rua is a nationwide project with a range of different activities.

Organisation Details


Men and women suffering extreme poverty and social exclusion


In 19 districts across Portugal

Homelessness Statistics

of Portugal's population living below the poverty line (CIA, 2015)

Currently there is no official information on Portuguese homelessness in the national level. A 2013 one-night survey conducted in Porto found 300 people sleeping on the street and 1,300 in temporary accommodation (FEANSTA, 2019). Initial unapproved data from the Social Security Institute shows that there were 4,420 recorded in “active homeless situations” in 2013 (FEANTSA, 2017).

Portugal’s 2009-2016 strategy for tackling homelessness has received criticism due to a lack of political support, transparency and funding allocation (EOH, 2018).