Hecho Club Social Peru

Hecho Club Social Peru is a platform that provides an opportunity for the inclusion and integration of vulnerable people. They focus on finding solutions to problems affecting their country, such as unemployment, substance abuse, marginalisation, and a lack of access to resources and services. Through the power of football, Hecho Club Social Peru promote the development of various practical and personal skills, as well as values of companionship, responsibility, and respect.

Women’s team


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Homeless men and women; victims of domestic violence, crime, sexual exploitation, and substance abuse; immigrants, refugees, undocumented youth, and abandoned children

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Lima, Cajamarca, and Piura

Homelessness Statistics

Of the population live in poverty, more than half of these live in rural areas
Of households nationwide are "squatters"
Of households in Lima are squatters

Poor women are frequently victims of gender-based violence. Official data revealed that 37% of women from ages 15 to 49 had been violently victimized by their partners, with the numbers even higher for highland regions (Peru This Week, 2013). A study by Irwin et all (1995) showed that rape survivors were much more likely than other groups to be living on the streets or in shelters.