Fundación Paraguaya

Fundación Paraguaya is a social and self-sustaining enterprise, founded in 1985 and working in the field of microfinance and entrepreneurship in Paraguay. They run entrepreneurial and vocational training for low-income youth, called Financially Self-Sufficient (FSS) School. Within their FSS Schools programme, they actively promote the Homeless World Cup and select participants from across Paraguay.

Fundación Paraguaya currently run four schools in Paraguay which follow the FSS School model, and provide technical assistance to some 50 schools in Latin America and Africa, which are also adopting the model. Football activities are an integral part of the FSS Schools programme due to the popularity of football in Paraguay. More than 300 children and adolescents from very low-income families participate in their sports programmes annually.

Organisation Details


Children and young men and women from very low-income families


Across Paraguay

Homelessness Statistics

Of the population live below the national poverty line
Of the population has access to waste collection services, resulting in a severe sanitation crisis and high infant mortality rate (Habitat for Humanity)

Paraguay’s housing deficit is growing, and in 2007, it was estimated at more than 800,000 units. Around 50% of homes in Paraguay suffer from inadequate conditions and 20% of them are situated in areas such as street curbs, parks, private property, or along rivers (Habitat for Humanity). In 2014, the floods left more than 200,000 people homeless (IFRC, 2014).