Northern Ireland

Street Soccer NI

Street Soccer NI is a charity that uses football to bring positive change to people’s lives. They work with disadvantaged groups including the homeless, long term unemployed, refugees, people with addictions, mental health issues, ex prisoners and more.

Street Soccer NI has 7 weekly projects in Northern Ireland (5 projects for men, 1 for women and 1 for people with learning disabilities) with around 70 people a week coming regularly to the project. They help each regular player to develop a support plan and they support them to meet their needs and achieve their goals including housing, education, volunteering and employment.

Their main funding comes from the Department for Communities, Housing Executive, East Belfast Mission and Irish football Association.

Organisation Details


Homeless men and women over 16 years old, people suffering from substance abuse, mental health issues, former prisoners, refugees, asylum seekers, and long term unemployed


Six projects in Belfast and one in Derry/Londonderry

Homelessness Statistics

of households presenting as homeless were found to be 'Full Duty Applicants' (NI Dep for Communities, 2018)
of homeless people that had their housing applications closed due to death were under 60 years old

As pressures on social housing grow due to the economic crisis and rising unemployment, concerns exist that bureaucratic changes may fail to provide successful protection of homeless people (, 2014).

The lack of a working Northern Irish Assembly from 2017-2018 has been credited with a dive in any significant housing activity or beneficial legislation occurring (Shelter NI, 2018).