S.G. – Youth for Development Centre

S.G. – Youth for Development Centre is a non-governmental and non-partisan organisation founded in 2003. By using the power of sport, they provide programmes offering training, rehabilitation, employment, and sports and recreation opportunities to young Nigerians who are homeless, unemployed, or suffering from substance abuse. Their main areas of work are youth development and leadership, gender equality, peacebuilding, and health promotion.

Organisation Details


Young Nigerians, both male and female who are homeless, unemployed, or suffering from substance abuse


Ikeja, Ikorodu, Ipaja/Baruwa, Agege, Ajegunle, Ibadan

Homelessness Statistics

24.4 Miliion
People experiencing homelessness
650 000
People displaced due to conflict
70 000
Nigerian refugees in neighbouring countries

Currently, the main threat to public safety comes from the terrorist group Boko Haram, which has caused many people to leave their homes. Furthermore, homelessness remains a taboo and consequently a lot of persons in need of shelter are rejected and denoted as “belonging nowhere” and “non-human” (Homelessness in Nigeria, 2013). Women are especially vulnerable due to deep cultural believes that it is acceptable to abuse women (Domestic Violence, 2013).