Life Goals Foundation

Life Goals Foundation help vulnerable people at the edges of society integrate through sports. The foundation provides special sports programmes for people who have faced major negative life events.
Under the supervision of specially trained Social Sports Coaches, Life Goals Foundation run sports programmes. By participating in these programmes, players improve conditions across all areas of their lives, such as housing, work, and leisure. Sports are not only fun, but can be a huge incentive to reconnect with society.

Organisation Details


Homeless, socially disadvantaged men and women, those affected by substance abuse, victims of domestic violence, and ex-prisoners


21 cities across the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht

Homelessness Facts

Of all homeless people are found in the biggest cities: Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, and Rotterdam (CBS, 2010)
27 000
People were homeless in the Netherlands in 2012

Despite the economic crisis, the percentage of people living in poverty has only increased by around 1% over the last five years. Poverty is mainly confined to disadvantaged urban areas (Dutch News, 2014).