Second Chance Street Soccer Project

Second Chance Street Soccer Project is an NGO that utilises football as a tool to eliminate poverty and homelessness in Namibia. They operate in the towns of Windhoek and Ondangwa and engage around 70 participants who are vulnerable to extreme poverty, substance abuse, and marginalisation.
The Second Chance Street Soccer Project aim to reach vulnerable men and women through sport and offer them a chance to improve their quality of life. Through sport, Second Chance Street Soccer introduce participants to a range of other services in order to help them further their education and find employment.

Organisation Details


Vulnerable and socially marginalised men and women, and people suffering from substance abuse


Windhoek and Ondangwa

Homelessness Statistics

Of the rural population doesn't have access to sanitation (NPS, 2016)
Unemployment rate (Southern Africa Times, 2019)
Of the population live in slums (Medium, 2018)

Namibia is still struggling from the effects of the apartheid system imposed by South African rule in 1964. Much of the country’s black population did not have access to resources or infrastructure, while the white population owned huge areas of land as well as farming assistance from the government (Borgen Project, 2017).

Income inequality, high unemployment, low incomes, and lack of financing options has led to a housing crisis, and in 2017 Namibia was rated the second most unequal country in the world (Medium, 2018).