Street Soccer Mexico

Street Soccer Mexico A.C. is a private, non-profit organisation that uses sports as a social tool. They run the Mexico Homeless World Cup Teams in collaboration with Fundación Telmex.

The organisation is aided by national and civic institutions to organise tournaments and training sessions for the children and youth living in shelters, recovery homes, or marginalised communities.

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Children and young adults



Homelessness Statistics

of the population live in inadequate housing with dirt floors, tin roofs, and mud walls (Habitat, 2019)
of the population living below the poverty line (World Bank, 2018)
of Mexico's children and teenagers live in poverty (Humanium, 2017)

Around 16 million people live in inadequate housing with dirt floors, tin roofs, and mud walls (Habitat, 2019). One third of the population of Mexico are adolescents and roughly half of these, 21 million, live in poverty (Humanium, 2017).

More than 53.3 million people in Mexico do not have the financial means to buy or build decent housing (Habitat, 2019).

Poverty is an issue that has affected Mexico for decades. Every year families have to leave their homes due to threats of violence from gangs, crushing poverty and environmental disasters (Save the Children, 2019).

Homelessness is strongly tied to high rates of domestic violence in Mexico, which is not properly dealt with by the legal authorities. Furthermore, many criminal gangs and drug cartels exploit women for prostitution and human trafficking, making homeless women particularly vulnerable (Women Under Siege, 2012).

In Mexico City, an estimated 50% of people live in informal, low-income settlements. Ngos in 2012 estimated that between 15,000 and 30,000 people in Mexico City were living on the streets. (Housing Conference, University of Glasgow, 2009; Inter Press Service, 2012).