Mexico 2018

The Tournament

The 2018 Homeless World Cup took place in the iconic Zócalo, in the heart of Mexico City.

Teams came together from across the globe to celebrate and highlight the year round life-changing work of the Homeless World Cup National Partner network. 450 players from 42 countries took part in what was one of the biggest events in the tournament’s history.

The Zócalo was transformed into a six-day festival of football, which saw hundreds of thousands of spectators fill the stands throughout the week, as well as millions more watching online.

The Final Standings


A unique feature of the Homeless World Cup tournament is that regardless of ability, all teams compete for the same number of days. The competition breaks into a number of different trophies. Because of these levels of competitions, the games are exciting and meaningful even on the final day of the tournament. On the last day, each team earns their final position – and those standings then influence the rankings that will seed next year’s tournament.

There are a total of seven trophies: five for the men’s competition and two for the women’s. The Homeless World Cup and Women’s Homeless World Cup trophies are the top prizes, respectively.


This year’s Women’s Homeless World Cup went to Mexico, who have now won this trophy six times in the last seven years. Mexico women delighted the home support with a 5–3 win in the final over first-time Homeless World Cup participants Colombia – the scores see-sawing between the passionate and committed teams – to take the main women’s trophy.

What made this game even more exciting was the fact that Colombia had beaten Mexico earlier in the group stages to become the first team to beat the reigning champions in five years.

1 Mexico (w)
2 Colombia (w)
3 Chile (w)
4 Brazil (w)
5 Costa Rica (w)
6 Egypt (w)
7 Norway (w)
8 Peru (w)

Women’s Fundacion Carlos Slim Trophy

The Women’s Fundacion Carlos Slim Trophy went to India after a nail-biter with England, which saw them win 5–4 to take the major honours. Scotland saw off USA 5–2 to put those teams in third and fourth place respectively.

1 India (w)
2 England (w)
3 Scotland (w)
4 USA (w)
5 Wales (w)
6 Northern Ireland (w)
7 Paraguay (w)
8 Greece (w)

Men’s Homeless World Cup

The Homeless World Cup is the top prize in the men’s competition. The iconic trophy travels the world with each winner and is then brought to the next host city before the competition begins. This year, the cup is returning to Mexico.

A South American goal fest in the centre of Mexico City saw the hosts lift the Homeless World Cup men’s trophy after a thrilling end-to-end encounter against Chile and a 6–3 scoreline.

1 Mexico
2 Chile
3 Portugal
4 Hungary
5 Brazil
6 South Africa
7 Bosnia & Herz.
8 Lithuania

Men’s Fundacion Carlos Slim Trophy

The Men’s second tier competition saw Russia and Indonesia competing for the trophy. In a 12-goal thriller, the Russians took the title with nine goals to Indonesia’s three.

1 Russia
2 Indonesia
3 Costa Rica
4 Bulgaria
5 Peru
6 Zimbabwe
7 Poland
8 Austria

Fundacion Telmex Telcel Trophy

The third tier trophy of the Homeless World Cup went to Ireland, who beat Romania 8-3 to be crowned champions.

1 Ireland
2 Romania
3 Scotland
4 Denmark
5 India
6 Norway
7 Kyrgyzstan
8 Finland

Marca Claro Trophy

The Marca Claro Trophy – courtesy of the tournament television sponsors – saw Colombia take on Switzerland in the final, with the former lifting the title after a 6-1 win.

1 Colombia
2 Switzerland
4 Hong Kong
5 Northern Ireland
6 Italy
7 Croatia
8 England

Harald Peter Schmied Trophy

The Harald Peter Schmied Trophy, honouring the co-founder of the tournament who recently passed away – saw France take on Guatemala in the final, with France overcoming the South American side 4–2.

1 France
2 Guatemala
3 Wales
4 Greece
5 Sweden
6 Germany
7 South Korea
8 Slovenia