Association Malidéni

Association Malidéni was established in 2009 as a non-governmental, non-profit, and secular organisation with the aim of helping street children off of the streets. Today, they work with homeless children and adults, people suffering from substance abuse, victims of sexual exploitation, and prisoners. Football is used to promote positive values and to help motivate and reintegrate vulnerable people back into society.

Organisation Details


Homeless adults and children, people suffering from substance abuse, victims of sexual abuse, and prisoners



Homelessness Statistics


People displaced due to conflict in 2018 (Internal Displacement, 2019)

Of the population lack adequate housing


Homeless children in Bamako alone (South World, 2018)

Millions of Malians continue to struggle with conflict, starvation and drought. Intercommunal fighting and attacks from often unknown armed groups force thousands of people per year from their homes (UN OCHA, 2018).

Internal security, vital to economic and poverty improvement, remains weak. High population growth and effects of climate change present challenges for food security (World Bank, 2019).