Play Soccer Malawi

Play Soccer Malawi uses sports as a catalyst to enable youth and their communities to change their own lives. Together with its partners, it promotes sports projects, education, entrepreneurship and job creation for all its registered players and coach educators. It has been participating in Street League Football since 2008.

The programme brings structured small-sided games of football for the underserved to the rural areas of Malawi. It has a focus on teen mothers and other youth from poverty-stricken backgrounds that have been excluded from formal education or training opportunities.

Prominent Lawyer Alick Msowoya and his family have been supporting Play Soccer Malawi’s annual games since 2015 and the family has committed to fund the Street League until 2030.

Organisation Details


Both male and female, aged 18 and above.


Blantyre is the main area, with extended programmes in the districts of Dedza, Ntcheu and the Lilongwe slums of Kawale and surrounding areas.

Homelessness Statistics

Of the population are estimated to live in informal slum housing (Ellis Adjei Adams, 2017)


Number of orphans and vulnerable children (Habitat, 2019)


Number of people displaced in 2019 following Cyclone Idai (Independent IE, 2019)

Of Malawi's population living on less than $US1 a day (Habitat for Humanity, 2019)

Malawi has been ranked one of the poorest countries in the world since the 1990s, with over half the population living on less than US$1 a day (Habitat for Humanity, 2019). Over 70% of Malawi’s urban population live in informal settlements (Ellis Adjei Adams, 2017).