Streetfootball by Streetwork – Caritas Luxembourg

Street Football by Streetwork is part of Caritas Accueil et Solidarité, one of Luxembourg’s biggest NGOs. The project’s aim is to encourage participants from different social backgrounds to engage in regular physical activities. It includes both athletic and educational workshops. Besides promoting healthy lifestyle, regular training sessions prepare the participants to compete in various national and international tournaments, including the Homeless World Cup.

Streetwork Luxembourg is organised within the framework of “Service Street Work,” which receives funding by the Luxembourg Municipality and coordinates four different projects, each with a different partner. One of them is Caritas Accueil et Solidarité, which works specifically with homeless people in Luxembourg.

Organisation Details


Men and women in drug rehabilitation, homeless people, or those who used to be homeless in the past few years, and vulnerable young people



Homelessness Statistics

There is no national-level data collection system and no harmonised registration system. Some shelters have reported an increasing number of young people asking for help (FEANSTA, 2014).

Young adults are facing rising youth unemployment – 18.2% as compared to the average unemployment rate of 9.83% (Y Charts, 2015).