Asd Dogma Onlus

Asd Dogma Onlus is a non-profit organisation founded in 2011 in Milan to promote sports and physical education. They organise sports events with a strong social aspect, often in collaboration with private entities from Italy. In particular, Dogma Onlus promote sports for homeless people, people who suffer severe housing problems, or those who live in social community centres.

In addition to selecting and training the Italian Homeless World Cup Team, Dogma Onlus run three other projects: The Italian Homeless Cup, Calcio Solidale (Football Solidarity), and Scuola Solidale (School Solidarity).

Organisation Details


Socially marginalised men and women, often living in hostels


Milan, Florence, Morbejno, and Pavia

Homelessness Statistics


Number of homeless people in Italy in 2016 (FEANTSA, 2017)


People living in ‘absolute poverty’ (Reuters, 2017)

Of homeless people are immigrants (FIOPSD, 2015)

Poverty tends to be more of a widespread issue in southern Italy. Between 2007 and 2014, 70% of people in poverty were from the south (Borgen Project, 2018).

The country’s location means it is an important destination for people entering Europe, and immigrants are one of the most vulnerable to homelessness (FIOPSD, 2015).