Irish Homeless Street Leagues

Irish Homeless Street Leagues use the power of sport to transform the lives of individuals from underprivileged, poorly educated, socially excluded, and conflicted communities. The participants are men & Women between the ages of 16 and 40 years. IHSL operate more than 10 leagues countrywide, with two in Dublin alone.

Among Team Ireland’s Patrons are President of Ireland Michael D Higgins, Colin Farrell, and Former Ireland International footballer Kevin Kilbane.

Organisation Details


Socially excluded men and women between 16-40 years old


Cities all over Ireland including Cork, Dublin, Waterford, Limerick, Longford, Galway, Port Laoise, and Wexford

Homelessness Statistics


Number of homeless people in Ireland as of March 2019 (Focus Ireland, 2019)

Increase in people accessing homeless accomodation from 2016-2018 (FEANTSA, 2018)

Focus Ireland determines the housing system being unfit to meet the needs of society as one of the major cause of homelessness, as well as rising rent costs (Focus Ireland, 2019).

In 2013 the Irish Government started a plan with the goal of ending homeless by 2016 (EOH, 2016). This goal was not achieved, in fact there was a two-year increase of 59% in people accessing homeless accommodation in 2018 (FEANTSA, 2018).