Hong Kong

Wofoo Social Enterprises & Society for Community Organization

Wofoo and SOCO run football training and coaching sessions, the annual selection tournament, the Hong Kong Street Soccer League, and regular fundraising events for the homeless team which represents Hong Kong in the Homeless World Cup.

The purpose of their tournament is to gain public support, raise awareness about homelessness, and particularly to improve players’ self-image and self-esteem.

Meet the Team

Chinese Name English Name Number
Player 陳星宇 Chan , Sing Yu 99
Player 李浩培 Lee, Ho Pui 28
Player 張駿軒 Cheung Chun Hin 22
Player 楊港雄 Yeung Kong Hung 9
Player 陳俊健 Chan Chun Kin 29
Player 吳鎮中 Ng Chun Chung 18
Player 唐全鴻 Tong Chuen Hung 65
Player 粱寶瀧 Leung Antonio Jamal 7
Manager 胡仲文 Wu Chung Man
Coach 梁志榮 Leung Chi Wing

Organisation Details


Homeless and socially excluded men and women


Across Hong Kong

Homelessness Facts


Number of people living in “coffin homes”; cupboard-sized subdivided units (The Atlantic, 2017; SCMP, 2016)

Population living in subsidised housing (THB, 2017)


Number of homeless people in Hong Kong, double the official goverment figures (SCMP, 2017)

More than 20% of Hong Kong’s population were living in poverty in 2018, roughly 1.5 million people. This is the highest rate of poverty in the country since 2010 (Straits Times, 2018).

Hong Kong has one of the widest income disparities and least affordable housing markets in the world (Straits Times, 2017). High rents and property prices have hit the poor the hardest.